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Choreography Services

Choreography Services

We are not only restricted to the weddings but also has a lot to offer


Moving is an evitable part of Indian weddings. A lot of functions go with Indian weddings and everything is incomplete without dancing. Every family member and relative participates in it regardless of their age. Beginning from Sangeet, a complete day to dancing and singing to mehendi to wedding to gathering, each function is just incomplete without dancing.
We, at RJ Choreography, offer our services and a personal touch for these functions. Our expert instructor will design steps that are simple for everybody to learn and yet fancy. Fun and straightforward, these are extremely well known among our customers. This is the time when people get the chance to flaunt their surprise dancing.


Theme or concept parties are trending these days and people are really performing on different concepts to make their event the most memorable. Whether it is an old theme from 70's and 80's or the modern one, everybody needs to dance it out and they likewise need to choreograph it with their friends, family, partners and children.
RJ Choreographers guarantee to prepare you in the precise choreography you need. We make taking in a fun procedure and ensure that everybody has a decent time.


If you want an anchor to really bind up your function and make everyone entertained at the party or dance performers that would come and perform like nobody else’s, we will be there for you as besides giving you the best of the best choreography services, we will additionally give proficient dance troupes that can perform at your wedding/occasion and make it mortal for everyone. RJ Choreographers likewise has a Bollywood Dance Troupe, an exhibition victor, who are available for functions and weddings.


In the event that you need your big day to be an undertaking to recollect, a live band can absolutely get it going as unrecorded music has an alternate affair to offer inside and out.
We give top quality groups that will play any sort of music and fill your heart with joy. Whether you need conventional Bollywood music, western music or society music, we have a wide range of live groups that willentertain your guests with their delightful music.


Can any party or occasion be finished without a DJ? Tune in to your most loved music, feel the beats and get some life into your souls.
Our DJs with their extensive variety of music, running from Bollywood to western, will enamor your guests and give them an occasion to recollect.


Birthday festivities are no more celebrated like a pro. Permit your birthday festivities to be an everlasting memory with the assistance of our choreographies. We will help you make impeccable plans for your birthday parties.


Kuan Puja is an Indian tradition wherein you throw a welcoming party for the birth of another kid in the family. You can make the best use of our services that are specially customized for such events


These celebrations are really precious in a person’s life where in they celebrate their biggest achievement. We will help you to make it even more special through our Midas touch.


Many corporate companies are now providing their employees some quality time and give them opportunity for recreation. One of these activities include dancing where in choreographers are hired to teach their employees dance. This help them to de-stress from the work and develop their personality.
We, at RJ Choreography have worked with numerous corporate associations and have helped representatives learn different styles of move and helped them rejuvenate among them.


We offer best in Delhi

  • Hip bounce
  • Contemporary
  • Salsa
  • Bollywood
  • Jazz/Jazz Funk
  • Hip twirl
  • Traditional
  • Indian move
  • Bunch Dance